Oxford Karate Academy

Seiwakai Seminar in Sesimbra

Seiwakai – Europe Goju-Ryu karatedo, European Seminar & 1st European championship Sensei Joe and a group of students from Oxford Karate Academy and our sister dojo, Oxon Karate Club attended the Seiwakai European Seminar & 1st European Championship in Sesimbra, Portugal. After an eventful journey, involving two failed attempts to land the plane at Lisbon,

Competition Success

competition success at the 2023 kaizen cup invitational championships A combined team from Oxford Karate Academy and Oxon Karate Club won a total of 9 medals at the 2023 Kaizen Cup Invitational Championships on Sunday 15 October 2023. Particular congratulations go to the following students: Zoe: Bronze kata Isabelle: Silver kata and silver kumite Zakarya: