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Our Classes

kids (6 Years+)

Your kids will emerge from our fun classes focused and disciplined, polite, self-assertive - and able to defend themselves should the need arise!


Want to achieve fitness, flexibility and strength? Train with us - gain condition, learn practical techniques - and make fantastic new friends!

brown and Black belt

Continue your karate journey with advanced training classes, visiting instructors, and training in local, national, and international seminars!

traditional goju ryu karate and self-defence in a supportive environment!

Raising Confident Kids Since 1974

Founded in 1974, Oxford Karate Academy has raised generations of happy kids through our approach of firm discipline and fun.

Our kids gain:

  • Co-ordination and technical karate skills in a structured environment.
  • Skills to avoid and protect themselves from bullies – healthy self-assertiveness, de-escalation skills, and the practical skills for legal self-defence!   
  • Opportunities to compete in both kata (forms) and kumite (sparring).

Fitness with Real-World Practical Skills

Seeking a varied alternative to a gym routine?  You will: 

  • Gain fitness and strength through challenging exercises.
  • Improve flexibility through stretching.
  • Generate power through padwork.
  • Learn traditional karate skills, practising kihon (basics).
  • Develop knowledge of goju ryu kata (forms) – techniques and their practical applications. 
  • Understand close-range fighting and self-defence techniques, striking, trapping, controlling, and escaping, as well as ground techniques.
  • Engage in different types of kumite (sparring) in a controlled environment. 

You will sweat and you will be challenged, but you will also make friends and have fun. Karate is for all ages – get in touch now to try it out. 

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Our Locations

Risinghurst Dojo
The United Reformed Church,
Collinwood Road,
Risinghurst, Oxford, OX3 8HW.

Tel: 07855056748 / 07875139831.

Berry Youth Centre Dojo
Berry Youth Centre,
Berinsfield, Oxfordshire, OX10 7NR.

Tel: 07855056748 / 07875139831.

Berinsfield Sports Centre Dojo
Abbey Sports Centre,
Berinsfield, Oxfordshire, OX10 7NR.

Tel: 07855056748 / 07875139831.

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