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Competition Success

competition success at the 2023 kaizen cup invitational championships

Competition success

A combined team from Oxford Karate Academy and Oxon Karate Club won a total of 9 medals at the 2023 Kaizen Cup Invitational Championships on Sunday 15 October 2023.

Particular congratulations go to the following students:

  • Zoe: Bronze kata
  • Isabelle: Silver kata and silver kumite
  • Zakarya: Bronze kata
  • Mohammed: Bronze kata
  • Noula: Silver kumite
  • Seb: Bronze kumite
  • Kieran: Silver kumite
  • Annabel: Silver kata

Well done to these students and to all our other competitors who gained valuable experience.  Particular congratulations to our legend Phil, who competed valiantly in the men’s kumite in a section otherwise entirely comprised of dan grades.  We are so proud of you all.

Many thanks also to all our wonderful parents, and to Senseis Hkanhpa and Joe for training us all, and to Sensei Emerson and Sempai Bree for all your support at the competition.  Thank you also to Sensei Maria Tanabalan and the organisers. 

Shihan Paul Coleman would have been very proud. 


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