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Paul Coleman Kyoshi (teacher of teachers).

Chief Instructor for Oxford Karate Academy, Technical Vice-President for Seiwakai International, European Examiner.

Paul Coleman began his martial arts journey in the sixties with Judo, achieving Black Belt. He studied Judo for eleven years.

During his teens he decided to study karate, beginning in another style and moving to Goju-Ryu in 1974. He continues to train and teach Goju-Ryu Karate to this day.

During his time in IOGKF he was a Three Times iri-kumi (continuous fighting) World Champion.

With Worldwide travel, training, competing and teaching, he has been doing karate in twenty three countries. First training in Japan and Okinawa in 1981, he regularly trains with the masters in Japan.

In 2018 Paul Coleman was elected to be vice-president for The All Japan Karate-Do Seiwakai, by 14 country leaders and by Japan.

His role also includes being an International Instructor and also an assistant instructor to Japanese Masters. Coleman is also a European examiner for Seiwa Kai and The JKF (Japan Karate Federation) Gojukai.

His Sensei in Japan is Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi 8th Dan Seiwakai, 8th Dan JKF Gojukai.

Paul Coleman holds a JKF Goju Kai “menkyo” licence of Kyoshi, meaning teacher of teachers, a rare title for a westerner in a Japanese association and federation. He is commonly referred to as “Shihan”.

Paul is ranked:
7th Dan All Japan Karate-Do Seiwakai
7th Dan JKF Gojukai

Natalia Coleman Sensei (teacher).

OKA Karate Academy Instructor

Natalia Coleman was born in Tomsk, Siberia, deep in the heart of Russia. Siberia is a tough environment and Natalia was a highly successful Instructor.

Once a primary school teacher, teaching Russian Language and Mathematics, Natalia grew to realise that karate had huge benefits for children.

Sensei Natalia has been training and teaching with Oxford Karate Academy since 2011.

Her pedagocial expertise is due to her two degree subjects in Russia. Five years pedagogical study in University and two years Sport Science in University.

Sensei Natalia has studied in Japan three times and is ranked:
3rd Dan All Japan Karate-Do Seiwakai.
3rd Dan Japan Karate Federation (JKF) Gojukai.
Previously, Sensei Natalia achieved blue belt in Aikido before moving to the U.K. in 2011.
Her previous ranking was:
1st Dan IOGKF (Okinawan Goju-Ryu).
1st Dan Shotokan.

Prior to 2011, Natalia Sensei was teaching Shotokan full time. She was responsible for Sport Karate training for both groups with huge success.

She is mainly responsible for teaching and coaching the juniors, ranging upwards of four years old into teenage years. She also coaches adults.

Her energies provide the Oxford Karate Academy with in house competitions of kata and kumite, preparing them for bigger events, which she also coaches.

Sensei Natalia organises junior birthday parties and excellent fun junior camps.

She is a great asset to the dojo.