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Visits from Ben Craft Kyoshi

On Friday 10 November 2023 and Friday 17 November 2023 we were privileged to be visited by Ben Craft Kyoshi (7th Dan) of the EGKF, for two incredibly informative and practical classes focusing on karate jutsu (Shihan Ben talked about the difference between Karate Jutsu and Karate Do). Shihan Ben is a formidable fighter with great strength and a rich mine of knowledge on karate and martial arts more broadly.  

We worked on a number of practical drills in the first class, involving dealing brutally and effectively with people trying to grab us.  Lots of close in techniques and arm locks!  We revised and built on these drills in the second class.  Tactility and maintaining contact were key themes in these sessions. Shihan Ben also emphasised the importance of getting these drills learned, and then pressure testing them.

In the advanced session in the first week, we also benefited from Shihan Ben’s deep knowledge of the kata Tensho, which we had been working on in a couple of sessions over the previous couple of weeks. 

We are very grateful to Shihan Ben and look forward to Shihan Ben’s next visit to Oxon Karate Club and Oxford Karate Academy. 

Ben Craft
Ben Craft Visit
Shihan Ben Craft Visit Group Photo


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