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These testimonials were ALL sent in a period of just 2 weeks!!!

These testimonials were ALL sent in a period of just 2 weeks!!!

 Read what other parents, students and even international coaches and instructors have to say about OKA karate programs.

My whole family (wife & 2 kids) are doing it. It is now part of our lives and helps give me confidence in other areas of my life. Thanks Shihan.         Miklos P       OKA Testimonials

As well as keeping our son fit and active, he is becoming more disciplined in all walks. The school is a revelation and we thoroughly recommend this to anybody. Harry OKA Testimonials

OKA is a great group of people to train with. I always come out upbeat, not beat up.               Charlie F                                                                                               OKA Testimonials:

I started training with Shihan Paul’s academy when I was 12. His classes instilled in me knowledge, motivation and drive via his practical and effective approach to martial arts.

Now being 20 and being at Nottingham University, I don’t have the opportunity to train with him. But the values and skills that I learnt are still with me, and I employ them in Nottingham. I look forward to the day when I can train under his tuition again. Brian B OKA Testimonials:

I have known Paul Coleman Shihan already for several years.

He’s a good Karateka and helped us to grow in the way we choose, Goju-Ryu Karate.

Thank you, Shihan.
Johnny Cattin, President JKF Goju-Kai Switzerland.  Johnny C                 OKA Testimonials:

I first started training with Oxford Karate Academy when I was a student at Oxford. It is fantastic for fitness and increased confidence. Plus have met a lovely group of people. Later on when my son wanted to try Karate my first thought was Paul Coleman and the Oxford Karate Academy. He loved it.
Vanessa Theobald-Bayliss

Vanessa T                                                                                              OKA Testimonials:


My daughter has been training on and off with Oxford Karate Academy for the last 3 years. I am very impressed with the high standards of teaching in Shihan Paul Coleman’s classes; it has helped my daughter with her fitness and confidence.

Tracey R                                                                                             OKA    Testimonials:

I am not just saying this because Shihan Paul is my dad. But I have trained with him lots and he is amazing; He is fun, challenging, and motivating and the best at what he does! I have trained before in a few different martial arts like Muay Thai and kickboxing but still I don’t get the same result I do with my dad! I am very proud of him and he likes to pass on his knowledge to the world and help everyone as much as he can! He will listen to anything you have to say and look after all of his students. Not only does karate teach you how to fight but also how to channel anger and have discipline which is especially good for children. My dad has children’s classes and adult classes with all kinds of different levels so you don’t have to worry about training with him or made to feel intimidated or uncomfortable and you will always be in a lesson with people of your ability unless you’re up for a real challenge for a harder class, but he respects everyone has different abilities:) Aaron x

Aaron Coleman (previously a St Michael’s pupil)OKATestimonials

My Son Tyrone goes to many of Shihan Paul Coleman’s seminars at the Oxford Karate Academy he finds the instruction and attention to detail invaluable and is always keen to return to the next one. We live in Kent but would always find the time and pleasure to travel to Oxford and enjoy the day.

Tyrone B                                                                                                OKA Testimonials:

I’ve been training at OKA with Shihan Paul for over 4 years. The classes are always enjoyable with good variety, and other class members are always friendly and helpful. I enjoy learning new techniques and improving my skills, fitness and flexibility. It’s a shame I can’t make it to class more often.

Linda P School Teacher:                                                                            OKA Testimonials

It is without reservation I write this testimonial for Shihan Paul Coleman. I met Shihan when he fought my student Peter Thomas at Higaonna Sensei’s tournament in San Diego over 20 years ago. It was an epic battle that many still regard as one of the best Iri Kumi fighting matches ever! From that time I have seen Paul mature from a competitor/instructor to a great teacher with great students. With Tasaki Sensei always with him, the JKF Seiwa Kai is in great hands for years to come…Always, Robert Young, Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate DO Kyokai, Shibu Cho, Miami, Florida.

Robert Y.   Chief Karate Instructor, Miami, Florida, USA.

OKA Testimonials:

Going to Oxford Karate Academy to train was a very good decision; Shihan Paul Coleman is a very good quality instructor. The lessons are very active and keep you physically fit for day to day challenges. It’s not just self defence, but gives children a confidence boost and teaches them about everyday danger, and how they can get out of it unharmed.

Tenisha R                                                                                               OKA Testimonials:

Hi, I am a karate teacher in Russia and I have been privileged to train with Paul Coleman Shihan. My students in Russia are very excited, because he comes to teach them in Russia in April. I love his karate and I am also in love with him! xxx

Natalia P    School Teacher (mathematics & Russian Language)    Russian karate coach                                               Black Belt 1st Dan in Shotokan Karate, Black Belt 1st Dan in Goju Ryu Karate OKA Testimonials:


If there were to be an OKA in Brisbane Australia and I was missing, be sure to find me there! Paul Coleman Shihan came to Brisbane and held a seminar starting 11th November 2010 going for 4 days. After the first night of 4 hrs, it made my hunger and many others greater than what is was, I did not miss one session the entire 4 days! If anyone ever has the opportunity to do this don’t miss out, if you have an opportunity to join OKA, do it yesterday!

David B                                                                                                  2011 Testimonials:

Paul Coleman Shihan’s visit to Australia has made a profound impact on my family especially my 8 year old daughter Jenevieve. His ability to teach Karate-Do to children is in a league of its own.

The enthusiasm he exudes is very contagious making the experience an enjoyable one. Definitely a person you’d want to learn self-defence and the martial arts from without the boring monotony you see in other dojos.

Thank you, Shihan for sharing your unique teaching style with us. Hope to see you again soon.

Kindest regards to all, Newman Family

Nick N                                                                                                    2011 Testimonials:

I have been training with OKA for a little over a year and have really enjoyed the training. I started with Shihan Paul because my 12 year old daughter was being bulled and after a year of training she had enough confidence to stand up to them. Since then she has moved onto dancing, but I stayed as I enjoy the training and being pushed beyond the limits I thought I had being the wrong side of 40 yrs old. Shihan Paul is one of the best instructors I have ever had, better than the instructor I had in the army for self defence. His knowledge is endless. I will continue to train as long as I can.

Roy E                                                                                                     OKA Testimonials:

LOVE IT, LIVE IT, would not be without it. It is a way of living, a real path to follow and we have the best to guide us. Our teacher walks the walk. He’s been there and done it and continues to inspire us, and many hundreds of others around the world.

Paulo (legs) PAULO C                                                                               OKA Testimonials:

Met Sensei Paul many years ago while I was doing Tae kwon do I was so impressed with his attitude, ability and teaching that I never went back to tae kwon do and now I teach at my own class.
I would never even had stood in front of a class if I had never met Sensei Paul, The best of best

Sensei Ben          Ben S                                                                           OKA Testimonials:

The Oxford Karate Academy is run by an artist although some people may think that karate is brutal, to others it is an art form and watching Paul Coleman Shihan perform is watching a great Van Gogh painting I am glad that I have trained with him.
Glenn Stephenson Shihan
Chief Instructor, Karate Academy of Japan Goju
Head Instructor, Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwa Kai Australia
President, JKF Goju Kai Australia

Glenn S                                                                                                  2011 Testimonials:

I know Shihan Paul since early eighties and train under his guidance since 1994. I’m joint Karate National Coach for Portugal and I just have to thank all the help Shihan Paul gave me. I hope you keep always your good will on helping people.


Vitor Gomes 7th Dan, 4 times Portuguese National All Styles Kumite Champion

Vitor G                                                                                                   OKA Testimonials:

I and my young sons train at Didcot Karate School under Sensei Colin Pace, who has trained under Shihan Paul Coleman. I have attended many of Shihan Paul Coleman’s lessons, seminars and examinations and found him to possess a great talent for teaching martial arts to both children and adults.

I am now a 1st Dan black belt and my eldest son is attempting his junior 1st Dan black belt in June. When I started karate lessons I did not believe that I would ever get to that level but the whole training ethos of both Shihan Paul Coleman and Sensei Colin Pace has ensured this level of achievement.

Justyn S Black Belt                                                                                  OKA Testimonials:

I personally don’t think that you have a high enough rating for this man! I have been training with Shihan Paul for about 7 years now. I have to be honest and say, at first, he was a bit scary – but come on, I was only 8. But it didn’t take long for me to realise that this guy is an amazing person and is amazing at what he does. He’s managed to keep going, through thick and thin; whether it is finding a location or his own problems – he’s determined! I am so glad that I have stayed with him and followed him around all of the different dojo’s we have been in. If only I could train more often!

And if there’s one more thing to say: Shihan Paul, you are and will always be, a legend!! 😀

Luke S                                                                                                   OKA Testimonials:

Paul is a great teacher and is able to make you feel at ease, in my mind that is a very important thing from a Martial Arts Club. Classes are very well structured and my needs are always catered for. I would highly recommend going along

Matt B                                                                                                    OKA Testimonials:

I’m Portuguese and I met Paul Coleman a couple of years ago, in a seminar in London, and I loved train with him. He’s a great instructor and a very good person (I might say “a hell of a friend”:D).

Regina M                                                                                                OKA Testimonials:

I first trained with Shihan Coleman 20 years ago as a teenager. He inspired me in the Martial Arts and while away from Oxford I studied with many other instructors. 6 years ago I returned to Oxford and Shihan’s classes and despite having black belts in other martial arts I felt like a beginner again!
His depth of knowledge and ability to pass it on is second to none and I know how lucky I am to be his student. Me, and Oxford, are fortunate indeed to have a modern day master in our midst. If you are looking for the best……this is it!

🙂 :                                                                                                        OKA Testimonials:

I have trained with Shihan Paul for 25 years.

In that time I have also trained with many other teachers of similar grade or higher. Shihan Paul is not only the best at his level but better than many above him.

When you train you want the best, we have the best!

Kelvin D 4th Dan Black Belt instructor                                                       OKA Testimonials:

I started Goju Karate at the same time as Shihan Paul Coleman – and have trained with him since the beginning. I am incredibly impressed with his dedication and his depth of knowledge. His teaching of his students is also a credit to the OKA as the large number of Black Belt students testifies – a number of which are instructors with their own students.

And now my own son has achieved his JKF Black Belt with the Oxford Karate Academy. Truly a world class instructor, who is going to go even further and is truly one of the greats of the Karate World.

Ron F                                                                                                     OKA Testimonials:

I have known Paul for nearly 30 years and I have trained with many instructors, but the best by far is Paul.

Ben S                                                                                                     OKA Testimonials:

I love karate classes; it’s a way of my life.

Oxford Karate Academy

Zoe K (my son daughter and husband all train and I am now a black belt)   OKA Testimonials:


Oxford Karate Academy is excellent for fitness, stretching, improving my movement & my posture, also great fun.

Michael C                                                                                              OKA Testimonials:

I Love You, A great family commitment, for exercise, self defence and a sense of achievement.

Dominique M                            OKATestimonials: I also have FOUR children of mine training!

Great place to train and be pushed beyond what I think that I can do.

Phil M                                                                                                     OKA Testimonials:

My children became more confident as they suffered in silence before. They enjoy learning self defence every week. Feel happy after training.

Rizwana K                                                                                              OKA Testimonials:


Karate is great for self confidence and self defence, great teaching & enthusiasm. My sons love it.

Catherine F                                                                                             OKA Testimonials:

My sons are learning:
– self defence
– self discipline and self respect
I, they and we love karate!

Michelle R                                                                                               OKA Testimonials:

Teaching karate is fairly good enough and it also teaches what is important in life.

Akitoshi S                                                                                               OKA Testimonials:

My 3 children have come a long way since joining karate. They are much fitter, more polite and have better attitudes!

Rebecca H                                                                                              OKA Testimonials:

At OKA, fantastic classes, great kids and expert teaching.

Oxford Karate Academy

Katherine W                                                                                            OKA Testimonials:

Brilliant discipline and self defence training, increases confidence and great for keeping fit.

Carole W                                                                                                OKA Testimonials:

My son has been training with OKA for over a year now and really enjoys the classes. My hope is that he carries on his training into adult life. I would recommend OKA whole heartedly.

Warren D                                                                                                OKA Testimonials:

I have 3 sons all of which train at the OKA.
All of my boys have gained in confidence and are much fitter / healthier training at OKA.

I would highly recommend OKA to everyone. Thanks

Isty A                                                                                                     OKA Testimonials:

After 39 years, still loving it!!!
Oxford Karate Academy

Michael C                                                                                                OKA Testimonials:

Really impressed! Girls very keen to join up and I trust the instructor to teach girls to look after themselves, train and get fit.

Amanda C                                                                                              OKA Testimonials:


Karate is great fun and a good way of improving your fitness and flexibility.

Emily H                                                                                                  OKA Testimonials:

It’s a positive way of life…..and fun! Oxford Karate Academy

Emmanuel G                                                                                           OKA Testimonials:

I’ve been training in Goju Karate now for 3 years and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my overall confidence and especially my fitness and energy levels. Also I am now a black belt.

Jeff P Black Belt.                                                                                     OKA Testimonials:

Since I started to train with Oxford Karate Academy, my karate has improved. Through learning new techniques I become an artist of my life 🙂

Robert K                                                                                                 OKA Testimonials:

Karate has given me focus, determination and fitness. After 8 years I still love it!

Cameron V Junior black belt                                                                     OKA Testimonials:

I love Goju Ryu Karate because it strengthens the body and sharpens the mind.

Asterios D Black Belt (surgeon)                                                                OKA Testimonials:

I have now been training with OKA for 3 years. My karate, confidence and life skills have all improved dramatically. I look forward to continuing my training in the future.

Ruari F Black Belt                                                                                     OKA Testimonials:

Shihan Paul is the best karate teacher I’ve ever had. His knowledge and skills are phenomenal.

Geoff Y Black Belt                                                                                    OKA Testimonials:

I have been training at the Oxford Karate Academy for more than a few years & enjoy the training as its fresh and challenging every time, no matter how fit I am I know that after sessions at the OKA I will be pushed to the next fitness range each time!

I feel that the method of training & teaching that Shihan Coleman gives is in a very unique style and appeals to all fitness levels from beginner to black belt. After achieving my Goju Kai Black Belt last year, I look forward to advancing in my training and taking it to another level under Shihan Coleman’s tutelage.
Thanks Miss Ali Fitness coach and Black Belt                                              OKA Testimonials:

I have been studying Goju Ryu Karate for nearly 4 years and gained my Shodan, first Dan, black belt in May 2010. My training gives me focus and discipline in all aspects of my life. It has given me more confidence, and has given me opportunities to meet other students from all over the world whilst attending international seminars.

The tuition I have received from Shihan Paul Coleman has been instrumental in my success along with my Sensei, Colin Pace. I enjoy Karate and it has become a way of life for me and many other friends that I now train with. Vicky M 2011 Testimonials                                                                                                                :

I’d like to start by telling you a bit about our 10 year old son Ronnie. Being an only child, he was always quite quiet, shy and lacking in confidence. You could also say that he is a typical child of his generation, he never really went out much, and he mostly sat playing his Xbox or watching television. We decided he needed another interest, to give him some exercise and to help build his confidence.

After looking at lots of different martial arts websites, we decided to take him to OKA. We took him along to a free trial lesson, he was very nervous, but he was made to feel very welcome. Ronnie started the week after his trial lesson in June 2010, he started training once a week.

After about 4 weeks he was enjoying karate so much he asked us if he could train twice a week. Ronnie has now been training for 8 months and is now training 3 times a week. I have to say he is now a different boy, his confidence has grown massively, his fitness levels and flexibility have also improved hugely. When Ronnie started karate he couldn’t get his leg higher than his knee, he can now kick above head height, which is a huge achievement for Ronnie.

Ronnie really loves karate and looks forward to every lesson, I can highly recommend OKA, and it has changed Ronnie from a quiet shy boy, to a confident young man.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it encourages you to bring your son or daughter to come and train at OKA.

Sarah W                                                                                            2011 Testimonials:

I’ve known Paul Coleman and the Oxford Karate Academy for over 20 years now and can recommend his club and classes without any hesitation.

Paul has taught both me and my boys Karate (in separate Adults and Kids classes.) His teaching style is engaging and fun but at the same time informative. The kids have such great time learning with him and the classes are filled with laughter when they learn from him. However the kids are disciplined and learn the principles behind the Martial Arts. My boys are 6, 8 and 11 and all have a great time.

The adults are able to develop their fitness levels and learn some great skills (He doesn’t mention it very often but Paul is also a Black Belt in Judo) in a safe and welcoming environment.

If you want to learn authentic and quality Karate in Oxford, Paul is the teacher to go to.

Being a world class and very high grade instructor his tuition is of the highest quality, which is something that is often difficult to find.

Bryan A, Head Karate Teacher, Basingstoke:                                             OKA Testimonials:

While we have 100’s of parents just like you who have experienced positive and lasting benefits for their children, the best way to experience our program is to try it for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this valuable information.

P.S. The habits, attitudes and confidence your child develops now will last a lifetime. The best forms of referral are people who have been happy with our service. Feel free to recommend Oxford Karate Academy to friends and people that you know.

By the way, Martial Arts are not just for children. It’s for adults too! Feel free to come in and try a FREE class for yourself. In addition to all the benefits that I have already mentioned, it’s a great way to stay in shape, lose weight and relieve stress

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