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Preparing for your next belt in Karate

Posted: February 15, 2021

Belt tests create excitement, expectations, worries, etc. and should be seen as a challenge. A grade exam is a measure of your competence, character and regular commitment. Regular attendance is hopefully twice weekly minimum.

To pass, you must be firmly convinced of where you are in your ability to pass. Your instructor must be confident, that you are fully capable and prepared.

The time between belts is a guideline. You may not be ready, therefore set more time to be properly prepared.

A pass or fail is as clear as white or black, which coincidentally are the start point and one of the BIG goals.

Please have respect for your instructor’s opinion as to whether you are ready or not.

Do not be concerened of the level of others. It may happen that you feel that you are better than a colleague who tested alongside you. This may be the case, but accept that some are capable of looking better “at this point”, yet it is still within the expectations of that grade. As grades get higher, the expectations rise with them.

If you have doubts or questions, please talk to your instructor. Our Oxford Karate Academy instructors have also trodden similar paths as the one you are now embarking on. Your instuctors are just further along that path.

Please keep trying, despite the vicissitudes of life.

Wishing you success along your path of many challenges, a path rich with highs and lows.


Paul Coleman