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Positive Changes

Posted: February 15, 2021

One of the greatest joys of teaching, is to see positive changes in people.

Often we have children who are victims of bullying.

Bullying can occur under a variety of guises.  It might include name calling, mocking, teasing, being hurtful to someone, ignoring them or hurting them, letting down their bicycle tyres, damaging their property, insults about their family, unpleasant comments about their religion, colour, creed or social standing, the list is immense. It can also happen at anytime – in person, online, on the phone, in class at school, at university or college, in the workplace, at a bus stop are on the bus, mayne a family member, whaich includes cousins, nephews, unlcles, aunties etc and not just immediate family. Maybe it happens in your neighborhood or even in your own home.

Bullying is usually done by people who do not feel good about themselves. They often feel the need to put other people down to make themselves feel better.

Bullying isn’t acceptable and is never an ok thing. The great thing is that there is much that you can do to stop or prevent it.  If you see bullying happening whether to you, someone you care about or someone else, you need to take immediate action. Thanks to