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The 24 hour Katathon has been completed. Read the overview below. - Wed 16, Jan 2019 17:33:00 by Shihan
The 24 hour Katathon was an truly wonderful event. The event was organised by Sensei Joe Bennett.

At exactly 6pm an alarm beeped and Sensei Joe began practicing kata. Tariq Saeed, did all 24 hours alongside Joe. Tariq is the new Duracell Bunny ....he just kept going, despite fluttering eyelids form tiredness. We had a visitor come all the way from Devon, well done Dave from SYTL dojo in Honiton. Clifford Williams joined us from Australia, now living in London. Paul Batters arrived for the last hour.

Some of the first juniors to arrive were Madeline and Logan Simon. Madeline is eight years old and Logan just six years old. They both loved the event and came back at 05:30 for more karate! Yes, you read that correctly ... 5.30 in the MORNING!

Other juniors who had karate, fun and/or food ...Yayu Chen, Ai Ling Shi, Emilia Linton who are all good friends. Then there we had Eva and Jamie Arencibia, Ewa Klovek, Oliver Lemon from Berinsfield dojo.

Taking photos we had Connor Casey and his dad Micheal Casey training.

Pushpa Chaure ran her "Adora Pakora" cookery workshop and made everyone a wonderful Chicken Makhni curry and a vegetarian chickpea curry, pakoras, pickles, rice etc. Delicious!!!

Rachel Gill did the breakfast schedule, with egg baps, bacon baps and egg and bacon baps. The evening saw the birth of the hotcross bun bacon bap with chilli peppers! Well done Rachel.

Annie Pesskin added some fuel to the tank of our event warriors, with her gorgeous seeded homemade bread and strawberrry jam, with hand picked strawberries. Thanks Annie.

I sold a few old karate magazines.

Thomas Belassie came straight from work and did 23 hours ....lighweight! lol Tom managed to get some members of staff from Cokethorpe School to donate £78 to the event. Well done Tom The Bomb and thanks to those who donated from Cokethorpe School.

I hadn't slept at all Wednesday or Thursday and during the early hours laid down on the dojo floor and nodded off for a while. I woke thinking I was in a dream! What greeted my eyes was Batman and a dwark carring Joe Bennett, and someone in a hi-vis vest and cycle helmet doing kata together. Joe Bennett vanished and came back in a bright yellow test crash dummy outfit! Slightly mad to say the least, but a whole lot of fun. Joe is always up for a challenge and a laugh and has been a friend for at least 30 years. During the night he taught a Shotokan kata.

At midnight we presented some beautiful Shureido Black Belts to Natalia, Thomas, Joe and even I had one. This was celebrated with Champagne.

The Gills were in force and all four will go to Japan. It is just so exciting to Have Emmanuel Gill, Rachel, Elijah and Shanti all on board with the trip.

Natalia Coleman was very sweet and dashed home to get an inflatable mattress for me and blankets and duvets for a few of us. Natalia Sensei set up a bouncy castle to the kids' delight and to witness Tom and Joe doing kata on the bouncy castle was something else! Natalia will be going to Japan for her third time, along with Blade Marshall Coleman's third trip to Japan.

Tariq's older brother Burhan joined in the event and will be joining us in Japan with Tariq.

Ilana Cope put in a performance along with Rowan Ibbotson two great young ladies. Ilana was with us in Russia as was Joe and Rowan will be travelling to Japan.

Daniel Hutton and Charlie Hutton had fun learning some Shotokan and obviously working on their Goju Kata. I love these boys.They put so much energy and focus into all that they do.

Lennon "Meatball" Matthews-White was there. Thanks to Matthew Saff White and Sam Matthews for supporting the event and taking Lennon.

Bree Bulgin put in a lot of hours, well done Bree. Bree trains in Berinsfield with Sensei Joe and Sensei Hkanhpa Sadan.

Joe's wife Carole dropped Kieran Bennett in to join us. Kieran competed in Russia two years ago. Joe's twin boys joined us as also.

Blade did well but took a sleep. A long night for a little boy.

Ali Haouam was there doing karate and enjoying the food. His mum Mirka was taking part in the "Adora Pakora" workshop. Well done for supporting us Mirka. She was joined by Raquel Lopez who trains with Sensei Natalia. Raquel brought her son along, young Aram Bazo-Lopez, who trains with Sensei Natalia.

We were blessed with the presence of father and son duo Mehmet Ali Mehmet (dad) and Tarkan Mehmet (son) who teach for Seiwakai in London. Two tough guys! I was very pleased to have them in my Sepai workshop.

Tammy Jade Downes and Toree joined in with the fun, enjoying the karate and the food. The bouncy castle is always a great idea for the junior members.

Tom Patch popped in to train. Ben Solomon came for the last part. Pierrick Doucet dazzled us with his Rubik Cube skills, asking me to muddle it up and he would unmuddle it within a minute.

A total of £670.85 was raised. A fantastic effort from everyone. Big thanks to you all and a special thanks to Joe Bennett.

— with Ben Solomon, Tariq Saeed, Daniel Hutton and 14 others at Goju Karate Academy , Headington , Oxford.

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