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New Black Belts for Oxford Karate Academy, October 2017 - Tue 24, Oct 2017 17:04:00 by Shihan

This weekend's seminar concluded with examinations. The results are a result of hard work and commitment. These members of Oxford Karate Academy have passed the following Black Belt tests.


Ilana Cope 1st Dan Seiwakai & 1st Dan JKF Gojukai

Charlotte Ree 1st Dan Seiwakai & 1st Dan JKF Gojukai

Jack Nichols 1st Dan Seiwakai & 1st Dan JKF Gojukai

Joe Bennett 1st Dan Seiwakai

Hkanhpa Sadan 1st Dan JKF Gojukai & 2nd Dan Seiwakai


Great results and congratulations, I'm very happy and proud to have you in my life.


Paul Coleman

7th Dan Seiwakai & 7th Dan JKF Gojukai



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