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Kaizen Ryu Competition 1st October 2017 results - Mon 2, Oct 2017 15:38:00 by Shihan

Both Shihan Paul Coleman and Sensei Natalia Coleman were extemely pleased with the results at yesterday's competition. After an early morning rise of 05:00am, we set of on a 2 hour journey to Essex. The group had only one person jump team at 00:20!


The following results were from just 10 competitors in total, with just one person not winning a medal.




GOLD: Daniel Hutton a junior 1st Dan black belt.

Silver: Elisabetta Mainwaring 1st Dan .

Bronze: Ali Haouam, Jessica Champion, Charlotte Ree and Conor Davies 2nd Dan.


Team kata (pairs)

Silver Charlotte Ree and Ilana Cope.

Silver Elisabetta Mainwaring and Conor Davies.



GOLD: Charlie Hutton.

GOLD: Daniel Hutton.

GOLD: Elisabetta Mainwaring.

GOLD: Conor Davies.

Bronze: Charlotte Ree, Ilana Cope and Hsiu Chuo Kuo.


Tally .... 10 competitors = 5 GOLDS, 3 silvers and 7 bronzes.


Well done team OKA.


Shihan Paul & Sensei Natalia




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