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Japan 2017 - Fri 1, Sep 2017 16:46:00 by Shihan

Mid July 2017 saw Senseis Natalia Coleman, Conor Davies and Shihan Paul Coleman, along with Blade Coleman set off for Japan. On route we got to visit Hong Kong and walk around this amazing place for an afternoon whilst in transit to Japan.

The first day in Japan was spent in Tokyo and we had a pleasant night out with a Japanese style table top barbecue.

Day two in Japan and we walked to Tokyo Station to book our seats on The Kamacho Shinkansen (bullet train) to Omagari in Akita province.

Day three was when the training began and it was great seeing so many old faces. People were there training from Australia, Canada, America, Slovakia and many other countries.

At the end of day six Conor Davies, 19 years old passed his Seiwakai 2nd dan test. Congratulations from all at Oxford Karate Academy.

The next part of our trip was a day on the bullet train to Wakayama City. In Wakayama we rented a small Japanese apartment with 2 bedrooms, sleeping on a tatami floor on futons. The walls were sliding shoji doors/walls.

The next day we set off for a further 2 days of training with various groups of us training under a variety of different JKF Gojukai senior instructors. Shihan Paul Coleman was extremely happy and fortunate to once more train under the guidance of Akira Shiomi Hanshi 9th Dan, working on Kururunfa Kata.

The day after, Shihan Paul Coleman was happy to be working with Sensei Tatsuo Takegawa. Takegawa Sensei was with the IOGKF many years ago, as was Shihan Paul. During this session we worked on Sepai Kata and Takegawa Sensei was most enjoyable and educational to train with and under. His explanations were superb, as Takegawa Sensei speaks very good English.

The following two days were to be the 43rd All Japan Karate Do Goju Kai Championships. Sensei Conor Davies was the only member of the British contingency to win a fight and his first bout was against a Japanese adversary who Conor beat with a convincing 4 - 0. The second bout of Conor's was a close bout and Conor was ahead at 5 - 4. The bout was stopped with a score and then resumed with just three seconds to go. Conor got penalised for non-engagement for just THREE seconds and a penalty was given and the point to his Japanese opponent making "hikiwake" a draw. The new WKF (World Karate Federation) rules no longer have an extension with the first to score becoming the winner with Senshu, the new rules with a draw, dictate the first person to score in the event of a draw in the winner. I feel it hard to judge non-engagement/time wasting for just three seconds, but the referee's gave the decison and hey, we were in Japan against a Japanese opponent! Well done to Conor.

Shihan Paul Coleman entered the Veterans Kata for the third time. He previously competed in kata at the All Japan Karate Do Goju Kai Championships in Sendai 2014 and in Beppu, Oita in 2015. Shihan Paul convincingly beat his Japanese opponent in kata and thought he was through to the final eight, hoever, it wasn't to be. It was not by ellimination that decided the final eight, it was the eight highest scores and Shihan Paul missed out by just .1 of a point! Dissapointed with himself for leaving out the second kiai, which would of lost him a drop in score.



Hopefully Akita 2018 in Japan will see an improved set of results.



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