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Traditional Karate Federation Championships 2012 - Tue 6, Nov 2012 11:09:00 by Shihan

This year we did very well AGAIN. Last year with 13 competitors we won 4 golds and a bronze.

This year, on 4th November 2012 at Crystal Palace, we entered 14 competitors and Oxford Karate Academy took

2 bronze, 3 silver and four gold medals.

Those that didn't win did well in trying. I have explained that sometimes the "luck of the draw" can be a deciding factor. You might meet the champion in the first round and not get a medal, but if you were drawn against someone else, then met them in the finals and they beat you, you get a silver for fighting the same person.

Competitors were:

Lulu Von Pander, Daniel Bradbery, Ronnie Ratcliffe, Liyan Ghomshei, Sumaiya Chowdhury, Dara Ghomshei, Numa Shah and Naswa Shah.


Medal winners were:


Tariq Saeed, bronze individual kata

Josh Davies, bronze individual kumite and GOLD individual kata

Lucas Churchill, silver individual kata

Burhan Saeed, silver individual kumite

Artur Pirogov, GOLD individual kumite and silver individual kata.                                      Artur forgot a kiai in his kata and lost a point, he won gold last year!

Seishiro Suzumura, GOLD individual kata AND ........GOLD individual kumite!               Oh .... he did the same last year!!!!


Well done to all of you, we are VERY proud of you all and BIG thanks to the wonderful parents for all their love and support, without them we are not a team.


Yours sincerely Shihan Paul & Sensei Natasha.

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