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London JKF Goju Kai Seminar. - Tue 9, Oct 2012 14:43:00 by Shihan

I am extremely happy and proud to have seen a better attendance at the seminar than last year.

It was nice to see Sato Sensei again and a great pleasure to meet Takegawa Sensei and see him not only teach, but demonstrate kata.

Fujiwara Sensei as always shows us why we wish to be under his banner, with his great teaching skills.

The end of the seminar saw grade exams being held. Oxford Karate Academy now has a few new Dan grades that I am proud to announce.

Artur Pirogov, junior 1st Dan, Tyler Curtis, senior 1st Dan, Luke Souch, senior 1st Dan, Natasha Coleman (Natalia Coleman), 2nd Dan and Robert Karpatsky 3rd Dan. Well done to all of you.


Congratulations from Shihan Paul.

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