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These are the Black Belt, Dan graded students that have passed under the tutelage of Shihan Paul Coleman and the Oxford Karate Academy, this list is being continually updated as we progress through our records.

In Goju Ryu and other traditionally taught forms of Karate it takes a minimum of three years before you are eligible to attempt to take a Black Belt Grading, the first of which being 1st Dan. After this test you then have a minimum requirement of years that equates to the grade you are about to test for, i.e. two years must pass from achieving 1st Dan before attempting a 2nd Dan test, three years more from 2nd to 3rd Dan, then 4 years more between 3rd and 4th Dan and so on.

Paul Coleman 7th Dan
Paul Enfield 7th Dan Paul Enfield 7th Dan, did 5 years in Okinawa & Japan.
Jamie Edmonds 6th Dan Jamie has now moved to Blackpool and teaches there.
Vitor Gomes 6th Dan
Colin Pace 4th Dan
David Lowe 4th Dan
Fraser Long 4th Dan
Hernani Gabriel 4th Dan
Kelvin Driscoll 4th Dan
Benson Solomon 3rd Dan
Mark Annett 3rd Dan
Natalia Coleman 3rd Dan
Robert Karpatsky 3rd Dan
Zuzana Meryova 3rd Dan
Alan Smith 2nd Dan
Callum Wooloff jnr 2nd Dan
Conor Davies 2nd Dan
Fernando Mahamud 2nd Dan
Hkanhpa Sadan 2nd Dan
Ian Milligan 2nd Dan
Jeff Pitt 2nd Dan
Kieran Davies jnr 2nd Dan
Lydia Winton jnr 2nd Dan
Mark Hannon 2nd Dan
Matthew Gear 2nd Dan
Michael Cain 2nd Dan
Subir Sarkar 2nd Dan
Aaron Hall 1st Dan
Albi Skendi jnr 1st Dan
Aliysa Codrington jnr 1st Dan
Andy Dyer 1st Dan
Anita Watson 1st Dan
Anxhela Skenderoy jnr 1st Dan
Artur Pirogov jnr 1st Dan
Barry Ballard jnr 1st Dan
Burhan Saeed jnr 1st Dan
Cameron Vale jnr 1st Dan
Cayzer Chowdhury jnr 1st Dan
Charles Elvin 1st Dan
Charlie Flavin 1st Dan
Charlie Hutton jnr 1st Dan
Charlotte Ree 1st Dan
Chris Fensom 1st Dan
Chris Rizza 1st Dan
Courtenay Bushen jnr 1st Dan
Daniel Beatty jnr 1st Dan
Daniel Hutton jnr 1st Dan
Daniel Southern jnr 1st Dan
David Kelly jnr 1st Dan
David Lovell 1st Dan
David Monaghan 1st Dan
Duncan Gerrard 1st Dan
Elisabetta Mainwaring 1st Dan
Elsa Codrington jnr 1st Dan
Ernest Reid 1st Dan
Geoff Young 1st Dan
Giulio Zacchetti 1st Dan
Grant Curtis jnr 1st Dan
Heather Newell 1st Dan
Howard Weller 1st Dan
Hugo Scott jnr 1st Dan
Ilana Cope 1st Dan
Isaac Henderson jnr 1st Dan
Jack Nichols 1st Dan
Jason Mullen 1st Dan
Jermaine Daniel jnr 1st Dan
Joe Bennett 1st Dan
Jose Juan Lopez-Portillo jnr 1st Dan
Joshua Cullum jnr 1st Dan
Julian Meade 1st Dan
Kieran Morse jnr 1st Dan
Krystyna Joyce 1st Dan
Lilia Nahon jnr 1st Dan
Luke Souch 1st Dan
Mark Smith 1st Dan
Matias Lopez-Portillo jnr 1st Dan
Miklos Parrag 1st Dan
Moises Williams 1st Dan
Neil DeSaram 1st Dan
Nusrut Ali 1st Dan
Phil Mundy 1st Dan
Rahim Hakimi jnr 1st Dan
Robert Hilsdon jnr 1st Dan
Rolf Argyle 1st Dan
Ruari Fangman 1st Dan
Russel Jones 1st Dan
Sadegh Hakimi jnr 1st Dan
Samantha Kelly 1st Dan
Sean McKiernan 1st Dan
Sharok McDonnaugh 1st Dan
Simon Whitaker 1st Dan
Siobhan Monaghan 1st Dan
Sumaiya Chowdhury jnr 1st Dan
Suzana Basic 1st Dan
Tanya McDonnaugh jnr 1st Dan
Tariq Saeed jnr 1st Dan
Thomas Belassie 1st Dan
Tim Friers 1st Dan
Tyler Curtis 1st Dan
Victor Appay 1st Dan
Vivien Cook 1st Dan
Yarsir Afzal jnr 1st Dan
Zain Afzal jnr 1st Dan
Zoe King 1st Dan


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