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Fraser Long 4th Dan ( Uploaded Sat 24, Sep 2005 02:17 )
Fraser Long 4th Dan <span class='subtitle'> ( Uploaded Sat 24, Sep 2005 02:17 )</span>

Fraser Long, 3rd Dan JKF Gojukai, 4th Dan Seiwakai. Fraser began with Wing Chun Kung Fu and then began training at the full time dojo in Glanville Road under Shihan Paul Coleman. He is also responsible for the design of this site. In July of 2006, Fraser went to Japan as a 1st dan and after a few weeks of intensive training was tested successfully to 2nd Dan JKF Goju Kai. Three years later he was successful in attaining his 3rd Dan JKF Goju Kai in London.

Fraser passed his 4th Dan Seiwakai test in October 2013, and was then able to take, and pass his 4th Dan JKF Goju Kai test in October 2014.


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