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Monday 11th December class closures
Due to inclement weather the following three locations are closed
St Barnabas School Jericho
Cumnor Primary School
Oxford academy
88 Black Belts is NOW 99! Who will be No 100?
Will It Be YOU?
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£99 unlimited training up to March 31st 2018,
one year's membership, plus a karate suit and belt
For junior aged classes
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Traditional Karate from the only Oxford Martial Arts Academy

to produce 99 Black Belts so far!

"traditional martial arts for TRUE karate practitioners"





Chief Instructor Kyoshi Paul Coleman

7th Dan All Japan Karate-Do Seiwa Kai 

7th Dan Japan Karate Federation Goju Kai

Japan Karate Federation Goju Kai International Examiner

Black Belt Judo, Finalist EGKA karate team kumite Okinawa Japan 1981 IOGKF

World Champion IOGKF Iri-Kumi 1989 USA, 1990 USA, 1991 Japan

Established 1974



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